On this page you will be able to view a variety of time lapse videos of my watercolor paintings. These videos show the process after the pencil outline was completed, followed by different parts of the painting all coming together to create the final piece. Several watercolor techniques were used such as, wet on wet, dry brush and layering. Ordinarily, I use water brushes and occasionally traditional watercolor brushes depending on what it is I’m intending to achieve.

As you can see, all of the watercolor paintings are completed manually from start to finish and then scanned into the computer. Once the painting has been digitized, I will make color corrections, some tweaking and occasionally add a separate watercolor textured in the background. The watercolor backgrounds have been created separately by hand, then scanned and manipulated before being added to the paintings. A video of this process will be available soon.

Personally, my preference lies with the original watercolor paintings as is does tend to look the best. However, it is difficult to show how the original paintings look without seeing them in person with the naked eye. I do work exceptionally hard to ensure that the digital version looks as close to the original paintings as possible. For now, it is not my intention to sell my original paintings unless they are commissioned, however, this may be a possibility in the future. Please feel free to check out the videos, more will be added soon.


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