Blood-Curdling Phone Icon (File Manager)


A few years ago I thought it was fun to create my own phone icons so that I would not be stucked with some boring conventional icons that came with the phone. I thought it would be great to have some horror theme icons, a silly scary ones. So I came up with these icons and I called them the Blood-Curdling Icons just for the fun of it.

Now, after a while they had been sitting in my folder and since I can’t actually use them in the real world situation, I just thought it would be awesome to turn these icons into nfts.¬† I think it is a great idea to sell them as part of the Blood-Curdling Icons nfts collection so that anybody can own a bunch of these or one/two unique artwork. They are all one of kind. This is a Blood-Curdling File Manager icon.

For the USA, UK, Canada & Worldwide

(via Redbubble)

For Malaysian Resident

(via Creative United)

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