This page details a collection of my previous artwork. Before I began to get serious about watercolor paintings, I did a bit of everything. The first four images are my charcoal drawings. I find that charcoal is very interesting and I love working with it. Charcoal is such an amazing medium, it can capture the feel and the texture of a certain subject and it has been used through the ages by great artists because of its exquisite finish. Furthermore, charcoal has a subtle and malleable form not possible through using graphite for example, which can leave a shiny finish that I’m not particularly keen on.
Charcoal has a more prominent and intense tone, a little goes a long way. However, one thing about charcoal is that it’s a bit messy; my hands looked like I’d been finger printed with black powder.  I haven’t done anything with charcoal for a long time now. Maybe when I have a bit more time, for black and white painting, I’ll go back to working with charcoal again (don’t know when that is…can’t seems to find time at the minute). I also did a commission watercolor painting for a relative in the UK. It is a painting of a town called March, in England, in the 1950’s. She grew up in this town and was overjoyed to see a painting of her childhood town in which she spent her youth.  (See Testimonial) The rest of the images were created at the time when I was doing architectural visualization. All were done using digital 3D modeling. I produced the 3D models and rendered it through rendering software and finally post produced them with photoshop. The image of a house with the waterfall was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. I also produced some interior design work with 3D modeling and digital illustrations.  Most of the architectural illustrations you see here were for a paying client.


Suite 311 MBE Straits Quay

3G-G-3B Straits Quay

Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang

10470 Penang, MALAYSIA




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