Timeline Mural


This is my commissioned handmade mural painting at Tenby Schools Penang. I started this mural on August 2nd 2021 and finished on September 7th 2021, I was commissioned by Tenby International Primary School to do a mural for one of their walls on a staircase. This is the second mural that I was commissioned by Tenby Schools Penang.

This mural is about the timeline of the world. It starts from the beginning of the universe itself, the big bang which happened 13.5 billion years ago and moved on to the dinosaur era and so on, until the present time. On this timeline I ended the mural up to 2019, where all of our lives changed with the Covid 19 pandemic.

It was a very challenging mural because there were so many different items on it. I worked 8 hours a day non stop for 37 days, with only 3 days break within that period. However, it was all worth it at the end of it and I’m very pleased with the result.

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